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485c Release New Video For “Better The Man”

Image courtesy of 485C's Facebook.

You might remember 485c from our recent post about 7 UK bands we think the US needs to pay attention to, well they are back, and still carrying on with their Pantone Red boxes in a new video for Better The Man.

The video is sort of a carry over of their last video Strange Medicine, which also contained the red box headed people. The band shared their view of the video on their FaceBook page saying:

” Moving from Brighton beach to the middle of London, this video continues the story that began in ‘Strange Medicine’ of a group learning how to live in and testing the limits of, the modern world.”

 Better The Man contains subtle guitar flicks, some reminding me slightly of Vampire Weekend, a step away from the previous Strokes sound, along with spacious grooves that build into the 42-second ending. Once again, the song and the video are creative in only a way 485c seems to be able to pull off.

 Watch Below:


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