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Soundcheck: Week of August 26th

Curb, a fairly new band from Birmingham have released their first demo online. Busy making the rounds of clubs, practicing their skills, they have not made a commitment to release in a EP just yet. Judging by the sound of How Are You Now, it shouldn’t be long before we hear more from these guys.

I love my punk music and always have. Stoke band, Moscow has released a video for the Title song of their recently released EP, Down (Hell Fire). Trust me it has had a lot of play at my house..I don’t know where they dug up the 80’s goth/punk film footage for the video but it is ACE.

Oh how I love Temples, with their heavily influenced 60’s rock sound. They have released a video for their third single Keep it Dark. The single which will be released October 7th will be available as a download or on a 7 inch vinyl.

I recently discovered Kent band Broken Hands, and have had them on repeat on the iPod. Another band that seems to have a fuzzy retro rock sound, they have released a EP titled Down by The Current. It can be found on Itunes or order it here

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