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5 Best of… Arctic Monkeys

It’s late at night, or should I say early in the morning and I have a blog post that is supposed to go live later in the day. I am surrounded by four vinyl records and several sheets of discarded ” lists “, trying to pick my 5 favourite Arctic Monkeys songs. Almost an impossible task for me, a person who likes all of their songs and on any given day couldn’t tell you which one song was better than the other. Earlier in the evening, after failing several times at making a list, I took to Twitter to ask the master for some help. When I say master,  am really talking about Blake over at Arctic Monkeys US.

I knew if anyone could help it me would be him, and he did….sort of. He sent his 5 favorite songs, apparently an easy choice for him as it took less than an hour to get back to me, one from each of their albums. A brill idea. That can’t be hard right? Just one song from each album. I took down my 4 worn vinyl’s and went to work ( Mind you this was hours ago, I had to revisit a lot of the songs …several times…)

Their first album, Whatever People Say I AM, was a horrid beginning for me. It is filled with such Arctic Monkey goodness, that after listening and staring at the track listing for say, an hour, I just filed it to the back and picked up Favourite Worst Nightmare. This was a no brainer for me. The song I picked from it topped every one of my discarded lists as being my favourite. I quickly moved on to Humbug……sighs…… I filed it behind the stack as well and picked up Suck it and See. While this was still a difficult  choice, I found it a bit easier, even after being told I should pick Don’t Sit Down, because it was a great comeback song for them…. I agree, it was…but….. Of course picking the final song, off their 5th album was easy, they have only released 3 so far, but even with that I really like 2 of the 3 I have heard. I also reserve the right to change my mind when the album comes out in September and I hear the rest of the songs, some of which have some pretty interesting titles.

So 5 hours later (give or take) after taking a journey down memory lane with my vinyls, I give you my 5 favourite Arctic Monkeys songs, not in order by how much I like them, but in order of albums….Gosh that was hard….

#5. Do I Wanna Know? from AM
This song is the first release off the new album and is just full of badass sexiness. From the drippy slow beat to the longing lyrics for desire that Alex is so good at writing. It’s hard to imagine one of the other new songs topping this but with Arctic Monkeys, I can’t say never.

#4: Hellcat Spangled Shalalala from Suck It and See
This was the first song on the album that became a favourite, which is the reason I chose it. My favourite song on this album has changed many times as I listened to it but I am still a sucker for the Shalalala’s.

#3. Cornerstone from Humbug
This one was a hard choice and although it may be predictable to some but ultimately it’s my pick. I just have always loved this song plus the video… The video is on another level, the homemade feeling that is genuine and sincere and a bit cheesy just tugs at your heart.
I think I might have actually shed a tear when on their last tour they brought it back and sang it partially acoustic.

#2. 505 from Favourite Worst Nightmare
Hands down my very favourite Arctic Monkeys song.

#1. Fake Tales of San Francisco from Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
This was definitely the hardest of the songs to pick because all the tracks on this album stand out.
I just love the beat of this song and I like Alex’s heavy accent on the early songs

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