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5 Best of… Walk The Moon

Just last week I was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite bands, Walk The Moon. The Ohio based quartet has been busy traveling the globe over the last few years spreading their high energy, pop vibe wherever they go. This was my second chance to see them live within just a year, and can I say they are even better than I expected? These guys have really upped their game, and that’s saying something because the first time was beyond phenomenal.

(Pretend this picture is better than it really is. I tried so hard to find one that showed all 4 guys, but you know how it is with stage lighting. It doesn’t always cooperate with photography.)

The best news ever from the show is that WTM spent all summer working on new music. YES! We got a taste of two of their new songs, and I don’t think fans will be disappointed. They’re staying true to their sound but evolving just enough. It was awesome.

Naturally I’ve got a bit of a concert hangover lingering even a week later, so I figured I’d channel that energy into this month’s “5 Best of…” post.

Here it goes – my take on the 5 best songs by Walk The Moon.

#5. Tight Rope

This song pretty much embodies everything Walk the Moon is known for – explosive energy, great lyrics, animal sounds (?!?) and driving percussion. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when this song fires up. Not to mention this is about the craziest video I’ve seen in a while.

#4. I Can Lift A Car
Okay I love the soft way the vocals start out and then progress into something steady and determined. The message behind this song is also pretty amazing – listen to the lyrics. (Don’t miss out on the kissing on the futon – that’s the best part. haha ;)) This video is a stripped down acoustic session which I think showcases Nicholas Petricca’s voice perfectly.

#3. Anna Sun
This might be the song that Walk The Moon is best known for; it’s certainly one of the first to help them break out big. It still has one of the best choruses out there – I dare you not to sing along. (BTW I have no idea how old this video is but it’s gotta be at least a few years. These guys look younger.)

#2. Iscariot
I’m almost ashamed to admit this is one of those songs I wasn’t hooked on right away. It’s a little slower than I like, and it has a slightly more gospel feel to it with the piano parts. That being said, it definitely grew on me  enough to give it the #2 spot here. It’s a really powerful, moving piece.

#1. Next in Line
This has been my favorite WTM song for a LONG time. I think perhaps some of my friends don’t understand my obsession with it, but it’s got everything – slow start, build to a driving rhythm and killer lyrics. Won’t you stay shotgun ’til the day I die?

Thanks for listening! I hope you’ll share your favorite Walk The Moon favorites in the comments.

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