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5 Best of… The Kinks

The North London band the Kinks burst on to the music scene in 1963, giving us timeless music that is still loved today. They were part of the British Invasion that hit the U.S. along with the Beatles and so many other great British bands. The rocky relationship between brothers Ray and Dave Davies led to the eventual break up the of the band in 1990.

Recently, the internet had been buzzing with talks of a 50 year reunion tour and the possibility of new music from the band. In a recent interview with the U.K. Sunday Times Ray Davies said..

” I’d really like to write with him again (Dave). We both agree we don’t want to do old stuff or tour with past hits. It’s go  to be something new..”

Even Dave in previous interviews has stated he wasn’t interested in an oldies tour. Being a long time Kinks fan, Lola has always clocked in my Top 5 fav songs, I can not even imagine a Kinks tour without their old songs. Not saying that new music wouldn’t be enjoyable but isn’t the point of a reunion to celebrate some of the past? Especially when you have a past full of great music?

Here are my top 5 Kinks songs. (I for one, could not imagine them not performing.)

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