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5 Best… The Kooks

You might have noticed that I happen to be a Kooks fan. So much so that I have had to really watch myself recently with all the new releases they have been throwing at us. I don’t want to turn into “The Girls at the Kooks Show.” (Personally I like this idea….)

It has taken me a month and a half to finish this. IT WAS HARD OK??? No one should ask me to limit myself to 5 Kooks songs. I started with 10, wrote down my feelings, went back and re-read it then started again. This time hesitantly crossing a few off at a time, only to add some back and remove others. So to get on with it, here are my 5 favourite Kooks songs (I think).

SHINE ON– from Konk
The critics were not always kind to the Kooks when they released their sophomore album Konk, but what the hell do they really know anyway??? I love this album, the CD has a permanent place in my car’s CD player.
I rank Shine number one for several reasons. First, the song never fails to make me smile with its catchy little hook, it is a total upbeat feel good song. You cant help but like it and the video is adorable.
My favourite line in the song is the opening line…

Safety pins holding up the things that make you mine

I love this line so much in fact, that I have been planning to get is as a tattoo. Why haven’t I yet?? Well, I have been holding out because I really want it written in Luke’s handwriting. You better believe if I ever get another chance to meet him I will have him write it out and off I will go to get new ink on my body. (The GATRS met the Kooks at SXSW but with all that was happening I forgot what I really wanted from him. Regretting this daily and hoping I don’t miss my chance.)

TIME ABOVE THE EARTH From Junk of The Heart
I consider Junk of The Heart my absolute favorite of the Kooks albums and one of the reasons is this song. I have read (but don’t quote me on it) that Luke wrote the song in two hours over the Atlantic ocean, in an airplane toilet. It proves to me that Luke Pritchard is genius, especially when it comes to ballad writing. (Though I will admit, I would have hated to be that person on the other side of the door needing to use the toilet )
This very short track is full of violins giving it an ethereal feel. It also clocks in as the most played song on my iTunes with over 1500 plays. This could be because I listen to it as I fall asleep every night (Also it is very possible that Luke Pritchard could be the actual death of me when I am strangled by my iPod earbuds one night in my sleep as I listen to it).

Will I see her again. If I do will it feel the same
ALREADY MISS YOU-B side of Moves in Her Own Way
I do love Moves in Her Own Way but to be honest I have listened to Already Miss You so many times, I forget that it’s a B-side.
It’s raw and organic, this song is heart wrenching and never fails to rip at my soul. The first line is pure regret of having said something you shouldn’t have and are unable to take it back. Yep. We have been there, done that. We feel ya Luke!

I know your feeling bitter, what I said last night I didn’t mean
BAD HABIT-From the forthcoming album Listen
At the first Oh, Oh, Oh’s of the song I was hooked. Sure, it probably should not rank over such classics as Naive, Seaside, and others but right now I am completely obsessed with this song.
I absolutely love when Luke has a tambourine in his hands, it seems to set him free on the stage. Coupled with that and all the clapping, the backing vocals, the guitar riffs, and his falsetto voice in places.. It is perfection. When you hear this song you just feel the need to get up and move. We can’t forget Alexis’ drumming, it has added so much to these new songs. The Kooks have upped the bar with their recent songs, Listen will definitely be a contender for my favorite album of the year.

HOW’D YOU LIKE THAT– From Junk Of The Heart
This one was the most difficult to pick. Trying to pick that last song when you had so many left to choose from, I went back and forth between 3 different songs for this slot. How’d You Like That won out due to one line in the song, in my opinion, one of the most romantic lines I have heard in a Kooks song..

What better time to, take a ride with you, through the universe tonight

Yep, that one line, it gets me every time. The whole song is a bit uplifting and seems to have come from a good place, even if Luke says it’s a “psychedelic track about dying.

I did it. I was able to list 5 of my favorite Kooks songs. Trust me when I say, there will have to be a part 2 something in the future because I just barely scraped the bucket on my favorites. So until next time, remember….
It’s a hard life to live so live it well.

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