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New Video Release: Acid Baby Jesus “Vegetable”

acidbabyjesus_promo.160837Athens, Greece based band, Acid Baby Jesus, are truly living up to their name. With a new single and video for Vegetable. A heavy on the psychedelics in both the song and video. I imagine them to be what Temples would be if they put down their pipe and put a blotter on their tongues.

This is music you not only hear but you experience with the massive guitar riff and slinky synth’s, taking you on a journey only Acid Baby Jesus could provide. While putting most bands in the Psych Rock category to shame.

Be on the look out for a full length album from the band coming later this year, but in the meantime take some time out to listen to Vegetable and their first full length album. I promise you its a trip you won’t consider bad.

You can find out more about Acid Baby Jesus here.

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