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Albert Hammond, Jr. at House of Blues Dallas

As the Cambridge room filled up the crowd at House of Blues Dallas was waiting with great anticipation and waiting for the one and only, Albert Hammond, Jr. to perform. It was 9 pm and the scene was dark like black ink, but the stage was striking thanks to the vibrantly red lights, which seemed to be foreshadowing on the night. To say it was going to be fiery, that was an understatement… Even the opening song that AHJ band walked out to set the mood and got people excited (for those who don’t know, or couldn’t tell, it was The Soft Parade by The Doors).


I was front and center for Albert and even though it would mark my fifth time seeing him live, the excitement of seeing him perform live never wears off.
As soon as the band set foot on stage, the crowd lit up with constant cheering and as Albert walked out, he was effervescent as always. Seeing Albert live is always a great memory of mine because he brings such passion to his shows, it’s not just someone out there doing their job but it’s someone performing because they truly love it.

It has to be said that with AHJ… It truly doesn’t matter where you stand in the room because the entire bands energy fills the room, the vigor was absolutely palpable. Albert was in his element. Front and center to perform not only some of his previous (and personal favorites) hits but his newest work from one of my favorite albums of 2015, Momentary Masters.
The light and dark of the lighting of the stage is a detail that is also on his album, it displays the duality of his songs. It’s a clean-lined creation with unadulterated tunes yet it has the contrast of dark, with some sulk and wistfulness to it.
Seeing AHJ live is seeing like seeing colors. It’s animated, complete with layers of climactic vocals, interplay of guitar riffs, rhythmic tones, flexuous bass lines, and melodic textures.

Feeding off from the crowds intensity, there was never a dull moment. There was so much love for AHJ in the room, there were a group of friends behind me that were singing passionately along and talking with such excitement about the songs as Albert would introduce them. There was even a special moment that can’t go unnoticed. Before going into In Transit, Albert asked if their was a Becca in the room because someone named Geovanni wanted to say something… Yes, there was an actual proposal during the show and it was incredibly endearing and sweet. I just happen to be recording as the moment was happening and was able to share it with the couple whom I met after the show (congrats Geo and Becca!!!) and shared it via my twitter account, which was then shared by Albert’s official Facebook.

Magic happens at every stop on the #MomentaryMastersTour… #shesaidyes Twitter user @YouthquakerMimi‘s video

Posted by Albert Hammond, Jr. on Monday, October 12, 2015


The proposal was just one thing that made seeing AHJ a memorable gig. Seeing him perform on my turf and bringing what he doest to the table just reassures my love for Albert Hammond, Jr.
The complexity and duality of his newest LP and seeing it come to life through his passion that he brings to his live act is something that cannot be missed.

AHJ Setlist

Rude Customer
Born Slippy
Caught by My Shadow
Everyone Gets a Star
Razor’s Edge
Losing Touch
Carnal Cruise
In Transit
St. Justice
Cooker Ship
Spooky Couch
Side Boob


Drunched In Crumbs
Blue Skies
Coming to Getcha
(Extended Outro)

AHJ performing Losing Touch.


Momentary Masters is out now via Vagrant, make sure to catch Albert Hammond, Jr. on tour, check out dates here.

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