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Album Review: Surfer Blood “1000 Palms”

1000 Palms is the follow-up to Surfer Blood’s sophomore release, Pythons. While 1000 Palms still possesses many trademark characteristics of the band’s first two albums, there are many elements that feel fresh. Grand Inquisitor is the perfect entrance track; a hushed keyboard chord ushers in the summery, anthemic riffs that Surfer Blood fans have come to appreciate. Sabre- Tooth and Bone is a personal favorite due to its similarities to many of the songs on the debut album.

This album has taken on a notably more pop vibe than the last 2 albums, but it doesn’t dilute the sound by any means. Instead of beach-bound guitar fuzz, 1000 Palms utilizes the keyboard and the acoustic guitar has a more prominent place inside of the songs. It’s the perfect soundtrack for going into summer, and it will certainly be a stand by for the road trips I plan on taking this spring.