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Album Review: Canopies “Maximize Your Faith”

We get a lot of music to shuffle thru each week here at the blog. Some of it , we shuffle on past, and then there is that one that makes us really stop and have a listen, such was the case with Canopies debut album Maximize Your Faith.

The Milwaukee band didn’t rush the release of their album, instead they held up for two years, buried deep in a pile of vintage equipment, carefully tuning their work and it has paid off with Maximize Your Faith.Canopies-MaximizeYourFaithAlbumCover.152541.125708

The LP starts off with Getting Older, one of my favourites on the LP, and continues thru nine more tracks of smooth vocals and lightly pulsing drums that are neatly layered with the swirly sound of the vintage synths they used. All this ads up and sends you into a spacy psychedelic spell, that lasts until the last note of the album is played.

Choose Your Own Adventure, another stand out track, could easily find its place amoung Temples Sun Structure, and demands your body to sway to the trippy sound as you close your eyes and take a trip along with the song.

Plunderers and Pillagers takes you in somewhat a different direction, urging you to dance with its somewhat funky uptempo beat and the ” get stuck in your head ”  you really got me now chorus.

Each track has its differences, yet they flow cohesively to form a truly entertaining and enjoyable album.

Maximize Your Faith drops 9 December via Forged Artifacts.

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