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Album Review: Cigarettes After Sex

I had kind of already made up my mind that I would like this album after I heard the single Each Time You Fall In Love when I reviewed it a while back, so it didn’t come to much of a surprise, when I actually received the advance copy that, yes, I did actually love it.

Androgynous. That is the buzz word that I kept reading about lead man Greg Gonzalez’s voice, but I never seemed to notice that. Then I sent Each Time You Fall In Love to Naomi when I received the album to tell her to go in and listen to the entire thing and she texted me back saying:

” I love her voice. It reminds me of Nico on Velvet Underground “

“Him. It’s a him”

“Oh….. Well that makes it more sexy “

And I suppose it does. This album is made to put on, grab your partner and have sex, the slow, lingering, romantic type.

Gonzalez’s voice is sultry, sexy, and lush as he practically whispers the emotionally rich lyrics of each of the songs. The first few times I listened to the album I thought  what a romantic album it was, like an entire album of Truly Madly Deeply, but the more I paid attention to the lyrics, I realized that they covered not only love, but wanting, lust, and so much more, they were just wrapped up nicely in the gentle sway of Gonzalez’s voice, fooling you.

The lyrics were key to me, after all, I am a lyric person, the songs are cleverly and skillfully written, Subtle things you might not notice on the casual listen, such as the night I was laying in bed listening to Young and Dumb. It was quiet, the lights were out, I was trying to get to sleep and the song came on. It followed suit with the rest of the songs, nice, relaxing…..wait…..did he just call her The Patron Saint of….. YES…Yes….Yes…he did…. It gave me new light into the album, and I began listening closer.

Do not expect ups and down’s of tempo in this album, you will not get them. The music is hypnotic and subdued, but it works, think of it as you would mood lighting for a room.

A few of my favorite moments:

SWEET: Just as the title says, it is a tender, sweet love song. Any girl would smile if you sang a few lines to her. Simple and effective

YOUNG AND DUMB: Such a graphic bit of a song wrapped up and made romantic sounding by the sound of Gonzalez’s voice

Cigarettes After Sex is addicting, so grab your partner , put it on, head to the bed and make sweet, sweet love, and bask in the after glow,  or in my case, head to bed with your iPod and let them sing you to sleep!


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