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Fever The Ghost “Zirconium Meconium”

When you first turn on Fever The Ghost’s debut album Zirconium Meconium, you will find yourself standing in front of a huge tent. In front of that tent is a creepy carnival barker. He tells you to step up, he is promising you an adventure, one like nothing you have ever been on, one your mind can not even begin to imagine. Behind him, lights are dancing in sync with the piano keys of the intro song Metempsychosis. You bravely hand over your ticket and  pass into the wild wicked world of Fever The Ghost. As the spoken intro to Long Tall Stranger tells us….

“Please don’t worry, you can trust me…”

And an adventure it is, you are lured right in with an updated version of Rounder, rightly called Rounder II. A favorite song of mine, that I was glad made the album cut. From there you will weave in and out of the mind of this LA band’s psyche, a ride that is much like the maddest fun house. The ride is unpredictable with everything from the futuristic surf sounds of Surf’s Up.. Nevermind. You can hear the ’60s surf music, it is there, buried under all the cosmic sounds and laser beams shooting above your head. To the moments when we are able to catch our breath with songs like Peace Crimes. A bit of a departure from what we are use to from Fever The Ghost. It’s a beautiful song that  has the dreamy qualities  of looking at the world thru rose color glasses. It also shows that Fever The Ghost has more dimension to them than we might have seen in the past. 

Another favorite, Hinterland, sucks you into the cosmic confines they are so good at. Lead man Casper Indirizzo’s child like voice is perfectly fitting for their style of psych -space rock, as is his use of the computerized box he frequents “He told me the name of it once, but it was to technical for me, I just call it ” Casper’s magical music box.”

Zirconium Meconium is a fantastic debut from Fever The Ghost. It’s a debut album so bizarre, so mind blowing, yet so brilliantly constructed. It is psych rock at its best. (One time, Casper told me he didn’t really think they were psych but I disagree, Psychedelic alters your mind, as does Fever The Ghost’s music) and like with any ride through a funhouse, once it is over, you are ready to hop right back in and do it again!

Zirconium Meconuim releases this Friday (September 25th) from Complicated Games. You can order your copy here 

If you happen to be in the U.K. the band is touring there now….


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