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Album Review: Froth “Bleak”

Since forming in Echo Park in 2012, the California-based quartet known as Froth has been generating a lot of buzz both here and abroad. Currently in the midst of a European tour, they are bringing their unique fusion of lo-fi and garage rock to audiences in the UK and beyond. The follow-up to their July 2013 debut is called Bleak, and was released on February 2nd, 2015.

The 9 track album stays true to their west coast sound; melodic and breezy with deep riffs that are perfect for cruising an open highway. One of standout tracks on Bleak is the third song, titled Nothing Baby. It’s a slow burning lament that alludes to a possibly soon to be lost lover. The somber tone evokes echoes of the Jesus and Mary Chain, with a melodic guitar solo situated toward the end; a perfect transition into quicker tempo of the fourth track.

The band overall not only excels at the fast paced aspects of garage rock, but the closing track, Sleep Alone is stripped down and centered on an acoustic sound and although slower paced than the surrounding tracks, it maintains a very melodic overtone with minimalist keyboard parts and crooning vocals.
Froth has already established themselves as a Los Angeles area buzz band, and their sound perfectly captures the breezy summertime vibes of the west coast. Garage rock can sometimes be overthought and easily overproduced, but Froth stays true to the sound, keeping each song strong from the first track to the last.