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Gengahr “A Dream Outside”

I have just been given the new debut album from Gengahr to review before it even comes out, and I am so excited to finally hear it. A Dream Outside will be dropping to the public on June 15th and will also be the album of the day on BBC Radio 6.

To the fans of Gengahr, the album will definitely not disappoint you. The She’s A Witch EP has a similar sound and feel to it as the album itself has. Hearing all eleven tracks has me feeling very satisfied. I predicted an outstanding album, and Gengahr have exceeded my predictions; I love A Dream Outside! Starting the album off with their song Dizzy Ghosts, it gives you an insight of what the album will sound like. With the crescendos of soft guitar and singing to drums and loud guitar riffs, this one is a great first song; it starts off the album with a bang. The next three songs have already been released, two are from the EP and one being a single. I surely love them all, the titles are She’s A Witch, Heroine, and Bathed in Light. The fifth track is called Where I Lie that has a very catchy beat and lyrics that are easy to grasp and sing on to. Dark Star is the next song, starting it off with a mysterious, happy, and intriguing sound that Gengahr are known for. With barely any singing in the song, it gives you the chance to make up your own feelings and lyrics to the music. Embers also has a lot of crescendos, something I love, especially from Gengahr. Powder is the next song and has also been released from their EP. Fill My Gums With Blood starts off the song with an intro that reminds me of the single Heroine. I really enjoy this song and its lyrics. The titles of Gengahr’s songs are always interesting and different from the usual names that fly around the music industry. That’s another reason why I love them so much. Lonely As A Shark is absolutely my favorite song off of the album. There’s something about it that pulls me in emotionally. Everything about the song is simply brilliant. The last song is called Trampoline  and a great one to end the album with.

Overall, the album definitely represents who Gengahr are and what they can showcase. The album will be out on June 15th, make sure you give it a listen then and preorder it here. For more Gengahr, check out their Twitter, Souncloud, and Facebook.

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