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Album Review: Highly Suspect’s ‘Mister Asylum’

Highly Suspect’s debut album Mister Asylum was released July 17th and is available to you now. The three-piece band from Cape Cod is made up of Johnny Stevens (vocals/guitar), Rich Meyer (vocals/bass), and Ryan Meyer (drums). They completely blew my expectations out of the water with this album. It showcases the mastered sounds of bluesy rock and roll with strong solos from each instrument.

The first song is entitled Mister Asylum and is a great way to introduce the album with its deep lyrics and fast tempo. The second track, Lost, has always been one of my favorites due to its powerful  guitar solo towards the end. It even has the ability to make chills run up and down your spine. The next song, is the hit single, Lydia, known for its raging bass and lyrics, I definitely recommend you listen to it. The fourth track, Bath Salts, is my personal favorite because of its soulful vocals and bluesy guitar, in a few ways it even reminds of the band Kings of Leon. 23 is a complete tune due to its drums and features from Sasha Dobson. The eighth song, F**k Me Up, makes you want to shake your head around whilst singing along to the  catchy lyrics. The last track, Claudeland, is a complete masterpiece because of how everything works so well together and makes me think of an old Cage the Elephant tune during a few parts. Overall, the album is pretty much flawless in my eyes and is one of my favorites of this year.

You can purchase Mister Asylum in a record store near you or through their website, I definitely recommend it if you’re into soulful, bluesy rock. Check out Highly Suspect’s tour here, and make sure to catch a show in a city near you. Follow up with the band through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Sound Cloud, and click the video below to listen to the song Bath Salts.