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Album Review: Hookworms “Hum”

It has been 18 months since we first heard Hookworms debut album Pearl Mystic. Now the five piece band from Leeds are back with their second album HUM.1524608_828859857132954_6821750948082438720_n

HUM seems to begin where Pearl Mystic leaves off, six songs connected by episodes of instrumentals numbered in Roman numerals. Beginning with Impasse, a heavy hitting, head banging song fill of punk intensity, you know right off not to take the albums title seriously. There is nothing here to casually hum along to.

HUM is full of pulsing guitars, massive feedback, high punchy vocals and deep repetitive bass lines that get your heart thumping, plus some hard hypnotic drumming from new band member JN. The vocals are clearer and there is more focus on the music but Hookworm stuck to the basics that made their debut album notable.

Then comes the song Off Screen, which is perhaps my favourite on HUM. It is 7 minutes of haunting vocals. A dreamy, mesmerizing melody of a song that you can get lost in and escape your surroundings, proving that Hookworm, when wanting to, can warm our soul just as easily as they can rock it.

HUM is heavy hitting psych that is worth listening to. The album will be released on November 10th via Domino imprint Weird World.

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