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Album Review: Team Spirit “Killing Time”

Brooklyn rockers Team Spirit may not be a name that’s popped up on your radar just yet but for anyone who’s a photo 1 (5)fan of good old, high-energy garage rock, these guys are definitely a group to watch out for.
The band’s debut album, Killing Time, drops next week.

Lively, a bit old school and most definitely FUN. Killing Time is chock-full of tracks that seem like they were made for live gigs. As I listened to each song, it was all too easy to imagine myself in the center of a crowd, bouncing and singing along to each energetic, up-tempo Earworm. Highlights include Satisfaction, Teenage Heart, and Closer, all tracks bursting with 90s-esque, punk-pop flair. Ayad Al Adhamy (former synth player for Passion Pit) provides vocals that can be a bit harsh at times, yet his voice fits the style perfectly, as he wails out relatable, honest lyrics in a series of impossibly catchy tunes (that may end up in your head all day).

Team Spirit has found just the right formula of lively guitar, pulsing bass-lines, and sing-along worthy choruses that make for a fun and enjoyable track . The only problem is that it seems like they rely on this formula a bit too much. After a strong series of opening songs, by the time you reach the halfway point of this 10-track album, everything starts to feel kind of repetitive. A little more variety would have breathed a bit more life into this album, and kept a better momentum going through to the record’s conclusion.
Still, Killing Time is most definitely worth checking out, and Team Spirit is a band you’ll want to keep an eye out for. This is a solid debut that will leave you wanting more, and wondering what else these guys will have in store for us down the road. Be sure to download Killing Time when it drops September 30th via Vice Records.
For now, check out the music video for their latest single, Teenage Heart, below.