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Album Review: Kissing Cousins “In With Them”

Who doesn’t love a kickass band, now add a little girl power to the mix and your result is LA band, Kissing Cousins.
They have recently released a new EP called In With Them following their 2009 full length album Pillar of Salt, the track Don’t Look Back was even featured on the first season of American Horror Story.

The EP hits off with the track In With Them, which has all the elements a first single needs.. It’s undeniably catchy. Beth Ziegler’s sharp drumming and Heather Heywood’s powerful and sultry vocals are definitely the standouts of the track. The first single is accompanied by a haunting music video featuring close-ups of each of the members of the band and shots of them walking through an eerie forest with high heels and dressed in all black.

Cover Me is a dark song, Melissa Pleckham’s skills on the bass shine through giving life and a twist to the song. The writing simplicity of Feeling So Blue does not determine the beauty of this song, the simple yet powerful lyrics such as “Why do you leave me feeling so blue?” and killer instrumentals is all this track needed to be one of the best songs on the EP. Once again Melissa Pleckham’s skills are the stars of this track not to mention Amanda Paganini’s eerie and mesmerizing guitar riffs that perfectly intertwine with Melissa’s bass lines. The last track of their EP is a live version of their previously released track called featured on their 2011 album titled Unfortunate End. Kissing Cousins took a noticeably different direction with this track making it faster paced and deeper inducing its obscure lyrics. If such track like Throw Her Body in the River is what they sound like live, then everyone should check them out, they are worth a listen and they would surely be worth seeing live.

Review by: Perla

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