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Album Review: Menace Beach Ratworld

Leeds based Menace Beach’s forthcoming album Ratworld, includes a variety of sounds, everything from garage punk, shoe gaze and even dream pop. With so many influences being heard on one album, one would assume the debut record would sound choppy and frantic, but Liza Violet and Ryan Needham, with the help of MJ of Hookworms, who is also a member of the band, have produced a cohesive flow of 13 songs.menacebeachalbumcover

Upon the first few listens you may over look the layers and textures that are buried among the fuzzy twisted guitars. But underneath the sometimes  frantic feedback is Needham’s fidgety pitch vocals, which bounce off the soft gauzy vocals of Violet.

Highlights of the album are lead single Taste Like Medicine and Blue Eyes, which is a total departure from the grungy sound of the rest of the album, instead is dreamy pop that accentuates Violet’s soft whispered voice.

Ratworld drops January 19 via Memphis Industries

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