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Album Review: Milo Greene- Control

Stepping outside of a successful first album can prove to be a challenge for bands that have only been around for a handful of years. Many of them choose to remain faithful to the exact same formula that made their debut record a success, which can either work against them or in their favor. Milo Greene made the bold decision to explore elements of electronica for the follow up to their self-titled 2012, debut. Control is a triumphantly brave leap into punchy, synth drenched beats with piano grooves reminiscent of 80s dance tracks.

On The Fence is the most standout example of this fresh direction. The intensity of the rhythm in the opening seconds of the track make it impossible not to get swept up. (Stop what you’re doing because you will want to dance)

Fans of the first record might be taken aback by Control’s intricate production aspects; the electronic presence is heavy throughout almost every track, but somehow it makes the more lyrically somber songs such as Not Enough even more introspective and lush. The layers of shimmery key changes and a steady synth pulsation running through the chorus add dimension to heavy hitting lyrics that fans came to appreciate from the first album.
Longing is a very poignant theme throughout this record, and to me that’s what truly makes it a Milo Greene masterpiece. Royal Blue serves as the closing track; it evokes the same type of emotion from me that Autumn Tree did on the first record, which completely solidifies this album’s place in my heart.
The rhythms are more precise and the melodies are more complex this time around, but somehow the true essence of this band isn’t lost among the clamor. Control by Milo Greene is a truly stunning accomplishment rooted in fearless exploration from a band who will undoubtedly triumph again in 2015.
We will be seeing Milo Greene live in March, so be sure to check back in with us for all the action. -Reviewed by Krystal

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