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Album Review: Motopony “Welcome You”

After a lengthy break, the Seattle-based band have a second album coming out June 23, 2015 entitled Welcome You. The six piece is made up of Daniel Blue (Vocals/Guitar), Forrest Mauvais (Drums), Mike Notter (Guitar), Nate Daley (Guitar), Andrew Butler (Keyboard), and Terry Mattson (Bass). They’ve recently released a new single, Daylights Gone, which is available for purchase on iTunes, and will give you an insight on what to expect from their new album.


The eleven track album starts off with the song, Welcome You, a very majestic song that almost reminds me of the artist Sting in the beginning, and then as you carry on throughout the song you hear lovely vocals and guitar that welcome you into the album. The second track is the single, Daylights Gone, because of its lyrics that make you want to sing along and upbeat melody, it’s truly a tune. Another song I like is, 1971, the fourth track on the album, it kind of reminds me of PEACE in a way, and it takes things back to a slower pace with roaring vocals. My favorite is called Molly, and it has a great sound behind it with vocals that compliment it very well. The eleventh track, Where It Goes, is very interesting and I like it quite a bit because it sounds a bit Egyptian and was a great way to end the album.

You can purchase Welcome You through eOne Music on the release date this summer. Alongside this album, the band will be doing a summer tour. Check to see if they are coming to a city near you and purchase your tickets here.

Make sure to check out the single, Daylights Gone, below and follow up with Motopony through their Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.