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Album Review: Nots “We Are Nots”

Ever wondered what a rebellious 90’s girl band would sound like with a greater amount of punk sound and even synths involvedWell fear not, Memphis’ all girl group Nots is like a reincarnation of a Riot Grrrl band, it consists of lead singer Natalie Hoffman, drummer Charlotte Watson, Alexandra Eastburn on synths and Madison Farmer on bassThey make their sound known with their immaculate non-melodic singing, talking, and almost yelling vocals setting themselves apart from any other female bandTheir sound is raw, obscure and unkempt; the definition of the 90’s.

The LP starts off with Insect Eyes followed by their first single Decadence, both are a great way to introduce themselves to the music world. The sound overlapping of Natalie Hoffman’s grungy guitar riffs, and Alexandra Eastburn’s snappy addition of various galactic sounds coming from her synthesizer add depth to not only the first two tracks but also the entire album. The tracks Get Along and Reactor are incredibly catchy and are proof that punk and synthesizers go great together if used the same way Nots make use of them. These two songs without a doubt put them well under the genre of synth punk.

Live performance of Reactor and Decadence.

Static is a twisted love song, with well written metaphorical lyrics such as Static, over my eyes. Static in your smile… It’s all a sinLyrics like this earn Static a high spot on the most well written songs on the album. Apart from having a somewhat controversial title, Televangelist transports us back to the Sonic Youth days, by projecting a special fusion of electronic sounds and guitar riffs that seem like they came from Kim Gordon’s guitar

Although the first three tracks (and a few others) do a great job of delivering a strong dose of punk music; it’s hard to find a new unique sound or something that sets the rest of the songs apart from any other punk band or any other very good tracks on the LP. Despite that it is a greatly decent punk record that is definitely not overly produced.

We are Nots is full of rage, attitude, empowerment and energy; these girls manage to create a perfect blend of The Cramps, Babes in Toyland, and Bikini Kill’s sound and the fact that it is all females full of attitude makes the band much more sporadicIf you are looking for something loud, and full of angst, with never-ending upbeat drumming, or maybe even something new and out of your comforzone, We are Nots is the album for you.


We Are Nots 

1. Insect Eyes
2. Decadence
3. Reactor
4. Strange Rage
5. Get Along
6. Black Mold
7. Static
8. Monochromatic
9. White Noise
10. Televangelist
11. Talk Show

2014 Tour

Nov 8 – Memphis, TN – Buccaneer
Nov 11 – St. Louis, MO – CBGB
Nov 12 – Kansas City, MO – Minibar
Nov 13 – Omaha, NE – Sweatshop
Nov 14 – Minneapolis, MN – ShitBiscuit
Nov 15 – Madison, WI – Turkey Fest
Nov 16 – Milwaukee, WI – Circle A
Nov 17 – Chicago, IL – Bric-A-Brac Records (early)
Nov 17 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
Nov 18 – Indianapolis – GPC
Nov 19 – Detroit, MI – Painted Lady (Timmy’s Taco Night)
Nov 20 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
Nov 21 – Brooklyn, NY – TBA
Nov 22 – New Brunswick, NJ – House Show
Nov 23 – Jersey City, NJ – Jock Strap
Nov 23 – Brooklyn, NY – Palisades
Nov 25 – Philadelphia, PA – Bourbon & Branch
Nov 26 – Baltimore, MD – Windup Space
Nov 28 – Atlanta, GA – 529
Nov 29 – Oxford, MS – Cats Purring Dude Ranch
Dec 1 – Memphis, TN – Murphy’s w/ The Blind Shake

– review by Perla G.

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