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Album Review: Nova Heart’s Debut LP

Nova Heart are a three-piece girl band from China made up of Helen Feng (vocals/keys), Bo Xuan (bass), and Shi Lu, AKA Atom (drums). They formed in 2011 and are the first Chinese band to get a high rotation on Triple J in Australia, they’ve been featured in NME, and Rolling Stone by senior editor David Fricke. More of the bands successes are collaborations with French filmmaker, Vincent Moon and have performed at the Iceland Airwaves music festival. Their debut LP will be released on October 2nd, 2015, via FakeLoveMusic.

The first song off of the album, Drive to Our End is just an instrumental and a feel of what the entire album is going to be like. Unique beats and sounds that the Nova Heart girls create are insanely cool. The next song is Lackluster No. and there is singing in this one. A soft and pretty voice goes through your ears as well as a really cool bass beat is playing in the background. Song three is called We Are Golden and basically talks about someone telling lies to the Helen about her significant other, but the singer isn’t believing the lies because they’re just to get inside her head. “I know that we are golden” are lyrics that keep reappearing because the singer is telling herself that they are golden together and that no one will break them apart, which is inspiring. The next song is My Song 9 and is probably my favorite. There are sounds in the song reminding me much of The Neighbourhood and I love that. Moving over to the seventh song, Queen is Dead. Continuing with striking sounds of guitar and drums, I love their sound. It’s putting a different play on alternative, with the west-coast vibe and soft rock this is made for a great genre of music. Starmaker starts off with heavy bass and then added on sounds creating a cool intro. I really love the chorus of the song, there’s something about a catchy chorus that you can’t stop listening to. Skipping over to the last song on the album, Dancing Barefoot. This song really showcases the Helen’s voice when she hits the higher notes, and I love her voice a lot. Make sure to check out Nova Heart and their debut LP on October 2nd. Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

LP Tracklist:

  1. Drive to Our End
  2. Lackluster No.
  3. We Are Golden
  4. My Song 9
  5. No Controversy
  6. Interlude
  7. The Queen is Dead
  8. Evil
  9. Starmaker
  10. Right Wrong
  11. Dancing Barefoot
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