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Album Review: ‘Operator’ by Telegram

London-based, Anglo-Welsh band Telegram have just recently released their debut album Operator and it’s been welcomed as one of our favorites. Telegram are made up of Matt (lead vocals), Pip (lead guitar), Jordan (drums), Oli (bass) and have been a band since 2013. With the announcement of them having a debut album, we couldn’t wait to hear the finished album in full.

Operator was released on February 5, 2016 in the UK and on March 18, 2016 in the US right before they were going to play their first ever US shows at SXSW and few shows in NYC. The twelve track album is packed full of riveting, riotous guitar, piercing vocals, and raw, refined bass and drums making for one of the greatest albums to date. Rule Number One is the first track from the album and starts immediately with raging guitar, bass, and drums that shred through your heart at every beat. The song has a very coherent sound to it with an ’80s rock vibe that I enjoy heavily. Follow has yet another extremely catchy intro that wakes your soul, inviting you into four minutes and twenty-one seconds of pure bliss and aural pleasure. Godiva’s Here has more of a punk-ish sound that I have come to love, knowing they love and are influenced by many punk bands, the track is the perfect fit to the band’s mastered punk rock sound. Taffy Come Home is one of my personal favorites because of Matt’s striking vocals and how the song completely changes direction around the two-minute mark; it’s an unexpected change but it truly flows perfectly with the overall sound of the song. Regatta is a song that makes you want to headbang; it’s filled with raging riffs alongside thundering bass and drums, and catchy, stunning vocals. The final track off of the album is entitled Folly and is the perfect song to close with. It’s a richly textured track and glows with a groundbreaking, stylistic sound.

Make sure you give this album a listen and order it here on iTunes. Listen and watch the music video for Taffy Come Home below.

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