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Album Review: Passion Pit ‘Kindred’


Passion-PitPassion Pit, from Cambridge, MA, will be releasing their latest album on April 21, 2015 and I was given the opportunity to listen and review all ten songs before its official release date. The last album we’ve heard from the band was Gossamer and came out in 2012. They may feel the pressure with their second album coming out three years later.. But, there’s nothing to worry about. The album certainly lives up to its standards.

The new album is entitled, Kindred. The first track is called Lifted Up (1985). My first thoughts on this song were that it makes you want to get up and dance. I immediately wanted to turn the volume all the way up and jam out to the song. You can purchase this song already on iTunes, along with Where the Sky Hangs and Until We Can’t (Let’s Go). The second song off of the album is Whole Life Story. This song has lyrics that can be relatable to most people, and the high notes are outstanding. Where the Sky Hangs is the third song, and the intro to the song is lovely, with the gorgeous sounds of the guitar, it is perfect for anyone who appreciates that instrument. Moving on to the fourth song called All I Want. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one. My favorite lyrics from the song are when we wake up, you engulf me with your love. Simple, but affective lyrics that grab you and pull you in; the simplicity adds to the song. Five Foot Ten (I), and Dancing on the Graves are the next two songs that both have pretty beats and stunning high notes. Until We Can’t (Let’s Go) is inspiring, and a perfect summer jam. The next three songs, Looks Like Rain, My Brother Taught Me How To Swim, and last but not least, Ten Feet Tall (II).

This is a great album for someone who loves the synth-pop/electro sound. I really enjoyed it and hope you take a listen when it comes out. Tour dates and news can be found here on their official website. Keep up with Passion Pit on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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