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Ezra Furman “Perpetual Motion People”

Ezra Furman has been around the music scene since about 2006, but somehow he has remained a bit under the radar. His new album, Perpetual Motion People, recorded with his current band, The Boyfriends ( Jorgen Jorgensen on Bass, Ben Joseph on Keyboards and guitar, Sam Durkes on drums and Tim Sandusky on Sax) is going to change all that, perhaps faster than Ezra changes clothes in the Restless Year video.

As you listen to the album, you can hear many timeless influences, you actually seem to travel thru time and genres, with plenty of backing vocals,  to the Doo Wops in Lousy Connection, on to the surprising Country Bluegrass hymn of One Day I Will Sin No More. It was the first thing that caught me as I listened to the album, but the more I listened and paid attention to the lyrics that lay underneath the playful kitsch, I realized that Perpetual Motion People had a deeper message.

Furman has touched on many issues that trouble so many today, including himself. He speaks openly about issues in his life, such as, suicide, popularity and gender identification.

Songs such as Pot Holes, which takes on the racial problems, the division of the North and South sides of his hometown of Chicago, are light, airy and very danceable.

If you are wanting an album that will help you navigate through all the ills the world has going on today, this is the album you are looking for. Furman doesn’t preach at us, or scold us when dealing with the issues, instead, he actually makes you want to dance through the problems.

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