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Album Review: Seapony “A Vision”


Seattle group Seapony have returned from a 2 year hiatus, and are sounding better than ever. Their third EP, titled “A Vision” is set to be released at the end of this month. A dreamy mix of pop and lo-fi surf rock, the 11 tracks stay true to Seapony’s fresh sound. The band appears rejuvenated and hopeful, with Jen Weidl’s vocals once again being a perfect match for Danny Rowland’s sun soaked guitar melodies.

The title track also serves as the closer for the album, and it happens to be my favorite track. Upbeat and airy, it summarizes the album as a whole and ties everything together.
The EP comes as a result of sporadic recordings, but somehow all the songs manage to mingle neatly together. This release is a gorgeous addition to my summer soundtrack; perfect for a lazy day roaming the beach or taking a long drive.