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Album Review: Spookyland “Beauty Already Beautiful”

Australian natives Spookyland are set to release their new 11 track LP, Beauty Already Beautiful. We were lucky enough to catch their set at Latitude 30 at SXSW this year and it got us even more excited to hear the new album. It evokes the feelings of a car trip through winding roads and exploration of the unknown. Lead singer Marcus Gordon leads the expedition with his pleasantly Bob Dylan-esque vocal style and unique lyrical stylings. Atmospheric chords blend seamlessly with keyboards anchored to soaring guitar riffs and each track fades into the next one and brings a new element to the forefront. It feels like a breath of fresh air with no single instrument overpowering the next. It allows the album to flow along quite effortlessly, and it’s the kind of album that can be put on repeat and still sound brand new. 
Spookyland recently released a video for the third track on the album, titled Big Head.