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Album Review: Strange Names “Use Your Time Wisely”

Strange Names are a three-piece band from Minneapolis, they will be releasing their new album Use Your Time Wisely on May 19th, but I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to listen and review it early. The band is originally from Minneapolis, forming it in college, they’ve decided to chase their dreams in Brooklyn, New York. Which is a perfect place to achieve your dreams because it’s a much bigger city and has such a diverse audience, I’m sure Strange Names will capture the hearts of many. They recorded the album back in Minneapolis, but decided to re-record it in Brooklyn. Coming from an open/spacious recording studio in Minneapolis, they completely changed directions and recorded in an intimate studio which helped the band achieve the sound they’ve been looking for.


The eleven-song track starts off with Return. When I first listened to the song I was immediately intrigued by the intro. The cool and eclectic beats will have you instantly in love with Strange Names sound. The next song, Ricochet is definitely a great one off of the album. The bass is present throughout the song, and I love it. The lyrics flow perfectly with the instruments, it’s lovely how easy it is to catch onto the song. Moving on to the last song off the album and my personal favorite, Overused Phrases. The song starts off with background vocals that put you in a trance because of the beauty of the song. This one is truly beautiful and I honestly love everything about it.

Use Your Time Wisely is a very powerful and gorgeous album. The pop-synths make it interesting, I’ve listened to loads of albums but this one definitely stands out to me in a great way. If you haven’t heard of Strange Names, I advise you to give them a listen. Follow up with their Twitter, Facebook, and Band Website. The album drops May 19th on Frenchkiss, make sure to check that out, or you’ll be missing out on something big.


01. Return
02. Ricochet
03. I Can’t Control Myself
04. Supernatural Silence
05. Only Boy
06. Where & Why
07. Neighborhood
08. Trespassing
09. Brick City
10. Love & Truth (Is There A Place)
11. Overused Phrase

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