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Album Review: Swim Deep, Mothers

I had been listening to Swim Deep‘s upcoming album, Mothers,  for about a week and kept finding myself drawn to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles, not because it sounded like it but….

Well, let me explain what happened just a few short hours ago, when my roommate heard Lucy In The Sky blaring from my computer…

ROOMMATE: That is the Beatles. I know you are not reviewing that

ME: No, but the first line keeps jumping into my head as I listen to Swim Deep. Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Like, that is how I feel when listening to this album.

ROOMMATE: Whatever. You are stalling.

Then it hit me, it was how I felt. Like I was floating down this psychedelic river, with all these freaky colorful images surrounding me and Austin Williams was my guide.

Mothers is far from where Swim Deep’s debut Where The Heaven Are We left us, but not so far, that we seem to have taken a wrong turn and gotten lost. Austin Williams voice is still one of the most soothing voices, giving you fuzzy warm feelings of floating on clouds, the echoing reverb of the instruments are all still there, but with the addition of multi instrumentalist James Belmont,  the band seemed to find a bit of cosmic chemistry. The songs on Mothers are layered around large synth beats and echoing riffs and take us back to the 90’s and 80’s, so much so, that Swim Deep could pass as a Boy Band on the song Nameste. Wonder if they can do a great choreograph dance along with it??

Swim Deep took a risk on Mothers, there was nothing wrong with Where The Heaven Are We, it had the Burm sound that seemed to be popular  in 2013, but it could have also been musical suicide, leaving fans of their first album a bit alianated . Personally I think Swim Deep took a right turn on their personal journey, and made a great album.

Mothers, Swim Deep’s second studio album will be released around October 2. You can pre-order here

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