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Album Review: Temples Volcano

2017 has many fans excited and eagerly awaiting a long list of of upcoming Indie albums that will be hitting the store and the charts.
Here at GATRS, the album that we have most been anticipating is
Volcano by Temples. Over the past few years, we have had Sun
Sun Structures, the debut album by the band, on repeat and have been lucky
enough to see them perform live during several shows as they made
their way across the US.

While we couldn’t get enough of Sun Structures, we were also a bit
anxious for the arrival of Volcano. Sophomore albums are sometimes a
bit tricky for a band,especially when their debut was so highly
acclaimed, but luckily the 12 track Volcano doesn’t seem to fall into
the awful second album syndrome. Instead it reflects the same spacey,
dreamy psychedelia that made the band successful to begin with.

Lead track, and single, Certainty , pulls you in to Temples world
instantly with its heavy snyth driven opening and James Bagwell’s
vocals that seem to echo throughout space . It is likely the strongest
track on the album and a good choice for the opener. As you listen
throughout the album, you are treated to rich layers of synths,
pulsing drum beats and mostly Bagwell’s strong ability to write lyrics
as well as deliver them.

The album did take a few listens for me to truly appreciate it’s
depth and richness, but it is flawlessly produced, with the band
taking on the job themselves, making sure it reflects their
personality. It is a bit more spacey than Sun Structures, a bit less
pop, but the overall feel of it is all Temples.

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