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Album Review: The Blind Shake “Breakfast of Failures”


Straight out of Minneapolis, The Blind Shake is a 3 piece band featuring two brothers and a friend. The Blind Shake is no news to us though, as they already have 5 full albums released, collaborations with music legends and a few singles out there as well.  This album certainly had some standards to live up to.. which they certainly met. Breakfast of Failures is a 10 song album recorded in Sacramento, and the 6th album that The Blind Shake has released since forming.

Old Lake is the first song on the album, and it caught my attention right from the start – how could you not love that guitar?  This song introduces the sound of The Blind Shake, which is pure punk rock. From beginning to end, the band gives this track everything they’ve got.. which is a lot apparently because I was head bobbing the whole time.

Parachute is the next track and my god those guitar riffs make me want to bow down to the player because he has captured my heart. Seriously. That’s all I have to say about this track – you’ll have to give it a listen to understand.

Dots in the Fog comes next with a smooth transition from Parachute. The drums and guitar mesh so well in this song, but what really brings them all together is the vocals on this track. It’s simple, but so well done that it has quickly become one of my favourites on the album.

Breakfast of Failures is loud and upfront right from the intro, and all I can really think about is how amazing this song would be as an opener for when the band comes on stage. It hooks the audience right from the start and shows no signs of letting them go.

Breakfast of Failures is quickly followed by Go Lie. This track is slower and considerably less hectic compared to the other songs on the album, but that almost pulls the listener in more. This is the first song I’m really hearing the “extraterrestrial” sound that critics seem to have given The Blind Shake, and it’s definitely something I could rock out to.

Young Carnival Waste introduces a grungy surfer feel to the album, which gives way to the more psychedelic vibes of the album. Followed by Pollen, which picks the pace back up with those wicked guitar riffs again.

The band takes it back to grunge rock with In A Trance, which really shows off all the different styles they are capable of without changing their sound. Mildew, the second last song on the album, really encapsulated that trait. It has a solid combination of grunge rock and punk. While the intro and breaks between bridges were more grunge, the chorus takes on a very punk tune. Congrats to The Blind Shake for finding that perfect medium that so many other bands are out there trying to capture.

The final song, Nobody Else, takes on a more drum based sound than the other songs on the album, which I think is a great final tribute to the drummer for all he does during this album.

Overall, a fantastic album. It’s certainly not what I was expecting from the title of Breakfast of Failures, as this was one of the farthest things from a failure I’ve heard in a while. Let’s hope these guys keep doing their thing and continue to give us some great music to rock out to. 111Gone-TBS-BreakfastOfFailures-COVER_ONLY.152039