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Album Review: The Bohicas’ “The Making Of”

The four-piece from Essex composed of Dominic McGuinness (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Dominic John (Vocals/Guitar), Adrian Acolatse (Vocals/Bass), and Brendan Heaney (Vocals/Drums) create a mastered, indie-rock sound. They released their debut album, The Making Of, on August 21, 2015, and it did not disappoint.

The album is full of tracks that will make a hit within your music selection. To me a few of their tunes remind me of early Arctic Monkeys or even the Strokes a bit. They are bringing back the grand sounds of indie rock’n’roll. With influences from The Kinks, The Beatles, and Ray Charles they have created a very originaldistinct sound that you must listen to. The eleven-track album includes singles; XXX, Swarm, To Die For, and Where You At. The first track, I Do It For Your Love, is sure to engulf you with its raging guitar riffs. It is a great song to kick off the album and represent what more to expect throughout it. The second song, To Die For, is extremely catchy and has hooks and a chorus that has the ability to get stuck in your head for days. The background vocals complete the song in a very classy way. My favorite track, Where You At, has a fast-pace tempo and killer guitar; I often catch myself tapping my toes to the beat. Swarm makes you want to jump up and sing along whilst dancing due to its catchy guitar and drums – it’s definitely a track you should listen to. The final song, Somehow You Know What I Mean, immediately captures you and reels you in with its lyrics and guitar, and it’s a great song to end the album with.

The Bohicas seem to have a bright future ahead of them. They’ve been labeled as one of the ‘must see live bands’ by some because of their booming energy and ability to keep the crowd’s attention. You can catch them on their headlining European tour in October (dates/tickets here). You can also download a free copy of their debut album, The Making Of, on their website right now. Make sure to stay up to date with the Bohicas through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and check out their song Swarm below.