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Album Review: The Gills

thegillsbytimdugganThe Gills are a Nashville based band that got their start in Pensacola, Florida, and their latest EP is a vibrant and acidic addition to the Nashville rock scene. Their self-titled album took shape after years of touring, and the overall sound very much reflects hectic road life, with soaring guitar hooks that still manage to maintain the grit and adrenaline throughout all 10 songs. The melodies are infectiously catchy, and songs like Rubberband and Lemonade tip toe into punk rock territory, both tracks packing in ample heavy-hitting guitars and punchy choruses in just under 3 minutes. These are the kinds of songs that get a venue full of people on their feet and probably even ignite a mosh pit. The Gills are definitely staying true to their own sound on this album while still having melodic appeal to a broader audience beyond Nashville.