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Album Review: The Moonlandingz “Interplanetary Class Classics”

The Moonlandingz are a band from Sheffield, UK and they are a band that leaves you wanting to dance and bob your head. They are releasing their debut album, Interplanetary Class Classics on 24th of March 2017.

The album starts off with commanding drums and out-of-this-word synthesizers which is the perfect introduction to Lias Saoudi haunting vocals.
With simple lyrics and simple beats the band have made a complex sound that leaves you singing along even during the first listen, track after track.
Recorded in New York, with Sean Lennon, the entire album sounds like the music for a futuristic-electronic-fair-ground for which they invited you to tag along and experience each attraction with all of their 11 tracks. – Review by Luis W.


Interplanetary Class Classics is out now.

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