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Album Review: The Mowglis, Kids In Love

The first time I heard the Mowglis was in the summer of 2013. The city I live in was having its first music festival. The whole festival was set up strangely ( it has since changed to a more recognizable music festival ) Actually, anyone in the city could attend, but there were sections for the “paying people”

The stage was at the end of the street, below it, was a section that was barricaded off for people with wristbands, then a section that was barricaded off for people who were just at the festival, in between was a large section that was empty , making it hard for the ” free” people to see, you technically could still hear, but imagine being in a huge arena with no big screens and you are in the nosebleed section at the very back.164400_10152414657880616_309837211_n

I was working the festival and was sitting in the empty section taking a break and enjoying the music ( I could have moved into the paying section, perks of working ) I was right in front of the ” free people” barricade sitting there on a curb enjoying The Mowglis as they performed on the stage. About half way thru their set, they stopped playing and announced that they were not going to stand for the division of people, it was a bit unfair. So they set down their instruments and grabbed the ones that did not need electrics and moved to the empty space between the ” paying people” and the ” free people” and finished their set in the most amazing , fun concert I had ever seen. This was the day I became a Mowglis fan.

Why did I tell you this long story about a concert? Well…because I personally believe that The Mowglis live the life and believe in the positivity that they sing about. ( I will also tell you, after that, the other bands performing requested the barriers be brought down)

This week was the release of The Mowglis second album, Kids In Love. The album is full of love, peace and infectious sunny music about being in love and loving the life you lead. It is full of rhythmic hand claps, jangly guitars and upbeat tempos. They let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE out there in life and that even  the down side of love can turn out positive. The lyrics to all the songs on Kids In Love can be related to by any listener, because who among  us hasn’t been young, free and in love?

Is Kids In Love for everyone? No. Probably not ( but I know a few people who could use a good listen). It is a pop album, full of pop music,  it digs down deep into the positivity that all humans could use every once in a while. It makes you smile. It makes you want to get up and dance. It just makes you happy. It is a blissful summer soundtrack that is pop-rock at its finest.

Listen for: I’m Good…Love Me Anyway…Kids In Love…Your Not Alone

( Actually listen to it ALL )

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