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Album Review: Seratones “Get Gone”

Image courtesy of The Seratones Facebook.

Seratones captured my heart at first listen. Being a girl from the south (Texas born and raised) their sound would definitely fit into the southern repertoire that I grew up listening to thanks to their elements of blues and classic rock but it’s still very much a modern band. However, there is nothing stale about Seratones because it’s the perfect mix of old and new.

“Get Gone” album artwork courtesy of artist.

That’s exactly what Get Gone accomplishes. Out today via Fat Possum Records, the debut album is a clean 11 track album that infuses southern rock, soul, psychedelia and a bit of punk (which is how the band met).
The album is filled to the brim with grit and musical swagger. Seratones chose to record live in the studio which encapsulates their energetic ferocity.
For instance on the track Sun, Conner Davis’ guitar is lustrously ripping through the riffs, AJ Haynes’ voice is smoky yet velvety smooth, Adam Davis’ bass is booming, and Jesse Gabriel’s drumming is a hypnotic palpitating force of energy.
Trees is a rager. It’s fun and you can’t help but just move along to the spellbinding beat, it’s intense while still maintaining control. I can definitely, and happily, see myself in the middle of the pit for this track.
Choking On Your Spit shows a more bluesy riff with that bass that won’t quit along with a cosmic guitar interplay.
Tide slows it down to a simmer but maintains the old school vibes with lush vocals paired with guitars and an infectious drum beat.
Don’t Need It has a seedy and sexy beat with matching energy. Haynes’ voice is magnetic and I cannot get enough of this anthemic track.
Despite the southern rock sensibility, don’t generalize them to just being a one-off Lynyrd Skynyrd type of band. While I can easily picture seeing them in a sweat-soaked gig with a beer in hand, Seratones are changing that narrative that we all have on southern bands.

Listen below via NPR.

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