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The Wombats “Glitterbug”

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of bands re-invent themselves to some extent when they have released new albums. This sometimes alienates the long time fans or in the case of Arctic Monkeys with the release of AM, or The Kooks with the release of Listen.. It has pulled in listeners that had normally not listened to them.
Other bands have not been able to move beyond their comfort zone on new album releases and this is where I place The Wombats. Glitterbug isn’t a bad album, especially if you are a Wombats fan, it still has the same feel as This Modern Glitch, which was released 4 years ago, and that caused a bit of a problem with me.
Singles Greek Tragedy and Your Body is a Wonderland are both highlights with their surging energy, catchy harmonies and lighthearted lyrics But it was The English Summer that really caught my attention. The song is more rock and roll driven than we are used to from The Wombats, and it gives the album a nice break from all the upbeat electronic sounds, something I think the album could have used a bit more of.

I am not saying that Glitterbug is a bad album, it is not. It is full of songs that are danceable and fun, just what you would expect from a Wombats album, but me, I was hoping for more of the unexpected from them.

Glitterbug is out in the US on April 14

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