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Album Review: Thomas Cohen, Bloom Forever

Thomas Cohen, the former frontman for S.C.U.M, releases his sole debut album, Bloom Forever, tomorrow ( May 6th ).

As I listened to the album over the past few weeks, there were times where I felt a bit like I was reading a personal diary I might not have been allowed to read , this is a very personal album . Each of the nine songs on the album make up a piece of Cohen’s recent life and are presented in chronicle order of when they were written. It deals with the birth of his second son, Phaedra, then moves on to his seemingly happy life in the Kent Countryside, where he escaped with his family to get away from the prying eyes of London.

By the time you hit the fifth song Country Home, the tone changes, Cohen shares his grief openly with the passing of his wife Peaches Geldof , with lyrics that will tear at your heart..

My love had gone, she’d turned so cold


You couldn’t make it through

Cohen picked up and moved to Iceland afterwards to finish the album and the last half of the album we hear his progression from grief to acceptence.

Bloom Forever is an honest album, it is full of jazzy beats, sax solos, beautiful piano playing and at times numbness. The music flows with the emotion of the lyrics, and the emotion is there till the end, when in  Mother Mary he sings

The part of me that is still in love with you

It is a beautiful eulogy to a life lost to soon and the person left behind to carry on

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