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Album Review: Useless Eaters

The album Bleeding Moon by Useless Eaters is due to release on October 7th but the GATRS have got the tracks and we’re pumped to let you know what to expect from this amazing album.

bleeding moon

If you haven’t heard of Useless Eaters – I’m sorry for your loss.
Originally a one man band, Seth Sutton dropped out of highschool to pursue his musical career. He came across the likes of Jay Reatard, who took Useless Eaters on tour. After much moving around and a whole heck of a lot of writing, Sutton was joined by two other band members which stepped up his musical opportunities even more.

The first song on the album is American Cars. It’s a good start to the record because you get a feel for their sound right off the back. This song has a catchy guitar riff, a typical garage band theme of heavy guitar and choppier vocals. It’s quite a stimulating track to start off the album.

Dungeon is the next song on the album. If you’re a fan of Brianstorm by the Arctic Monkeys, you will probably have a soft spot for this song; this instantly reminded me of a more punk version of that song. The harsh guitar with pauses for vocals gives you an almost electric feeling – definitely a good song to rock out to.

Out In The Night is the next track. The intro to every instrument, along with the slow buildup really adds to the song. Angsty teens of the world will unite over this song – as it just makes you feel like you can do anything. However, the lyrics are quite the opposite. In a past interview, Sutton described the lyrics as the 9-5’ers visiting the city to escape their mundane lives, hoping for some thrills. This song is clearly more about missed opportunities and wasting some of the life your given, rather than playing the cards you’ve been given. Definitely an intense track, and one of my favourites on the album.


Proper Conduct follows this, and the heavy bass intro had my heart from the start. The guitar reminds me almost of a grungy surf song; it’s definitely a twist on the typical that I’m apparently a fan of. There’s just a good feeling to this song.

Sitting On The Fault Line is the fifth track from this album, and by this point I’ve realized that Useless Eaters’ use of bass to start songs is absolutely fantastic. The catchy chorus almost overrides the guitar drown out at the end of the song, which I can only declare as beautiful – in a punk way of course.

Hidden Fees is the next track, and I have to say… It’s absolutely my favourite. I’ve been playing this song on repeat for days now. The beat of this song has me completely in love – I can’t even express how much this song has effected me. I get goosebumps whenever I listen!

Aftershock. Sutton’s use of pure guitar is exactly what music these days has been missing. He does mix in some produced noises as well – which could be the ringing in of a new era. Garage Rock…actual instruments… being combined with the good parts of what people are starting to consider music these days…electronic sounds. Useless Eaters are sure to impress more than a few people with this mix, and this song will certainly intrigue a solid combination of music lovers.

Bleeding Moon comes next, and all I can think about as this song plays is how amazing it would be to hear live. I think the whole room would get chills. Sutton’s voice melts so well with the guitar, but it doesn’t override the rebellious air to his songs. This song gets better and better the more I listen to it.

useless eaterss

Retro Hoax. Steady guitar, dramatic pauses and simple yet convincing lyrics; there’s no way this song could be disliked. I dare you to try to stop yourself from drumming to the beat of this song. Go ahead – try it.

Whip follows with a wicked intro, choppy verses and intense drums. If you needed something to show to your cool rock friends, this should be your top choice. The guitar sliding makes the whole song just that much better, adding that much more personality to the song.

Simple Device has relative lyrics and an awesome intro, what more could you ask for? This song captures the generations use of technology to do everything perfectly. If you want an eye opener, this is the tune for you.

Last but not least, Walking In Circles is the final track on Bleeding Moon. Higher pitched guitar, the constant drum beat and added noises in the background leave you with a solid song to think over the last 11 tracks you heard and how much your life has been altered because of them. Be prepared to listen to the album 1 through 12 again for the next few days!

useless eaters

You can pre-order the album on iTunes. Follow Seth Sutton on Twitter and like Useless Eaters on Facebook to stay up to date on all that’s happening.