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Album Review: White Laces “Trance”

White Laces, Trance album artwork.

Although White Laces’ new album, Trance, was only just released today, the GATRS were given exclusive early access to the record.

Dreamy, pretty mellow, and very easy to listen to. Trance is an album that certainly lives up to its name.
White Laces have found a way to immediately pull listeners in, placing them into the titular ‘trance,‘ of sorts and keeping their rapt attention for the duration of the 11-track album.
Upon first listen, many of these compositions seem rather straight-forward and simplistic. But within each track, there are some very lovely, subtle touches below the surface (including some delightful percussion rhythms, and very effective uses of reverb and other subtle vocal effects) that sound better and better with each listen, and add a little something extra to these already-enjoyable tracks.
There’s a distinctly-retro feel to much of the record but White Laces manage to draw on some 80s-sounding influences while still retaining a fresh, new sound.
The album also features a nice variety of slower songs as well as a few more up-tempo tunes, yet still feels like one coherent work of art. Trance manages to find the right balance between both pop and rock sounds that will be sure to appeal to fans across both genres.
My critique is one based upon personal opinion (so your feelings may differ), which is that the tracks on the second half of the album are noticeably better than the first half (my personal favorites being On a Wire, Keith Sweat, and Nothing Clicks).
Perhaps a bit of a shift in track listing would have added a little more consistency to this otherwise strong album.
The Virginia-based trio have made a really solid record with some stand-out tracks that are sure to please fans both old and new alike. Trance is out right now via Happenin’ Records and is available in both CD and digital format.