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EP Review: Youth Worship

If you haven’t heard of Youth Worship yet, keep your eyes and ears open ladies and gentlemen. With the release of their first EP just this week, we can already see big things happening for this band.


This EP is what I can only describe as the perfect get to class mix – in fact, I’ve been purposefully allotting myself 17 minutes to get to class just so I can listen to it in its entirety.

Airless is the first track, which is where you can first hear how bands such as Dinosaur Jr have been an influence on their sound. It’s a really enticing opening song, and it perfectly showcases their sound. The vocals have a certain tone which accentuates the heavier guitar and drums in a way I didn’t think I’d be hearing in 2014, but I’m certainly not against.

The next track, Immunity, happens to be my favourite. It’s a less upbeat song, but its repetitive guitar chords and simple chorus has helped me chill out before class more than a few times. This song just gives me some great vibes.

The third track is Into The Sun. There’s not much I can say about this song other than it gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. Seriously. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen. Something about it makes me feel invincible.

And finally, Pink Snow is the final song on this EP. The name alone is enough to make you want to give it a listen. It has heavier guitar emphasis, but when is that ever a bad thing? The chorus is one of the catchiest I’ve heard this year, the perfect mix of repetitive lyrics and the beat.

I would consider this EP the perfect soundtrack to just about anything, you won’t regret giving it a listen. You can order the EP on Youth Worships’ record label’s website, Self Harm Records, which is the perfect thing to listen to until Youth Worships’ recently recorded LP comes out.

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