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Arcade Fire’s, Win Butler Mashes Up Kanye West & Beck On “Jesus Walks, Loser”

We all know about a certain GRAMMY’s related incident that refuses to go away and I’m also sure we all heard, or maybe tried to ignore, that some internet users created a “Beckyonce” mashup of Loser and Single Ladies.. But here at the GATRS, we refuse to feed into that drama (seriously, enough with the “news” coverage on it) so we’ll just not-so-silently agree with Win’s tweet (that’s right Win is an occasional DJ) and shed some light on the brilliant mashup that Win Butler aka DJ Windows 98 brilliantly combined. Listen to Kanye’s Jesus Walks and Beck’s Loser mashup Jesus Walks, Loser below.
It’s actually really good, infectious even.

DJ Windows 98

There’s lots of problems with modern music, but the problems aren’t Beyonce, Kanye, or Beck.

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