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Concert Review of Sorts: Arctic Monkeys in Baton Rouge, LA

An amazing thing happened this past weekend, I went on a road trip to a few Arctic Monkeys shows. Now to me, as you all know, that is an AMAZING thing. Anytime I get to see Arctic Monkeys perform live… But this post is mostly about the amazing AM fan base.

Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge

The first show I attended was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I had actually taken a friend with me for her birthday but while we were there waiting to get into the show, we met some truly amazing people. Having been in line together for up to 12 hours while also weathering Tropical Storm Karen, we bonded over Arctic Monkeys of course. We all got to know each other well and we held places in line for each other, we shamelessly fangirled over the band with each other, hell we even sat on the steps of the venue and made stupid signs together.

When we finally got into the venue (all 12 of us on barricade) and we all knew who each others favorite guy was and we made sure each of us was positioned along the front row so they would be right in front of us.
During the concert we sang together, we held hands, and we swooned together.
When Alex asked “Baton Rouge, R U Mine? ” in that amazing High Green Sheffield accent, all 12 of us held up our YES signs which did not go unnoticed by the band either, they all laughed and Matt even stood up to count them.

But it didn’t end there, we came together again in Nashville, sure a few of the original 12 were missing, having to go back to work and school, but the ones that showed up once again held the line in front so we could go get food, drinks, or just roam around.
Or if you were lucky like Brandy and I even got to meet our favorites in a bar. photo(41)We made a few more friends at the new venue, and once again, we held the barrier during the concert, a united front beneath our favorite boys. We cheered for each other when one of us got a guitar pick, or a drum stick, or a set list, and we shared if we were lucky enough to get more than one of something. We exchanged pictures, phone numbers, added each other on facebook and on a cold Nashville morning at about 3 am we said goodbye to each other.

So… Is that the end of us seeing each other? Not at all. We found out Arctic Monkeys added a few shows to their schedule in December, one of those shows will be played in my hometown of Tulsa. Instantly we got on the phone, texting and calling and buying tickets. Come December, my house will be full of people from Florida, Texas, Kentucky, and Colorado. We will be having a sort of fan girl slumber party before heading to 2 more shows together.

People that would have never met, probably have nothing else in common, have become friends, something that would never have happened without these four guys from Sheffield. I can honestly say, at no other time in my life have I bonded and became friends with so many different types of people, than I have being an AM fan. It just goes to show that music really does make the world a nicer place.

1377231_10152583617350616_969178877_nblog featureI know this was supposed to be a review of the show but it had to be said. While talking to my fellow GATR Janette “I will add this…If you have ever seen Arctic Monkeys in concert or if you haven’t, this is the time to go. They bring a different kind of energy to the stage, one I have never seen in them before. Maybe its confidence in themselves, they’ve been at this for a while now, or maybe it is just maturity, but the songs off the new album are sexy and meant to be played live and loud. Of course, there are still many old favorites to drive the crowd into a mad frenzy. It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen them when the lights finally do come on and you can breathe again, your left standing there yelling… That was fucking awesome.

I’d like to leave by giving the girls a shout out…

CHRISSY– I hope your birthday was one you won’t forget for a while…

BRANDY– So excited we ended up in that bar, also thank you for the shirt, every time I wear it I will be reminded of Jamie <3

BARBARA-Thank you for the early morning ride to the hotel and the wonderfully fast heater in your car…

JESSICA– For standing in the parking lot with me for hours, analyzing every AM song ever written. We totally lost all of our ” be cool we are not fan girls ” cred when they guys hit the stage….

JENNIFER– For making me laugh with your outrageous AM outfits.

NAOMI-For fronting me a ticket and standing next to me in Baton Rouge, holding down the barricade against a drunk girl, and fangirling over Jamie with me<3

Also BRIANNA and MIA for being troopers with me.

We all left with drumsticks, posters, guitar picks, and set lists but most of all we left with a life time of memories and a few new friends. Can’t wait until December when we are back together and holding down the front row again.

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