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Concert Review: Arctic Monkeys in Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday was one of the strangest days, weather wise, Indianapolis had it all. The GATRS started our day by waking up to a gloomy and windy morning but by afternoon, the View from the Afternoon was not so good.Post show madness We’re no strangers to queuing, even if we don’t have to, we still love it. We took naps on the sidewalk to pass the time but woke up from the sweltering heat yet somehow the clouds were now coming back and made it tolerable for us again. People were now starting to pile in.

The GATRS and co. take a tornado selfie.

Sometime around 2pm the odd madness began. There was thunder and a bit of lightning happening but we weren’t fazed because rain or shine, we were ready. Unfortunately the security team wasn’t.
One of the security guards came to tell us that due to the weather conditions we may have to evacuate to our cars or the hotel parking lot which was right across the street. We were now being given numbered wristbands to honor and secure places in line if we would have to leave the queue for safety reasons.
Around 2:30 we were still in queue but this time we were waiting on being told what was going to happen, so we just casually sat around eating our delivered pizza and that’s when we hear the city sirens going off. Being from Texas, I’m used to hearing the city sirens go off during a tornado warning so I wasn’t nervous but that’s when the security guard made everyone in line evacuate. We all walk towards the hotel, sirens still blasting, and head towards the lobby to watch the live weather report. It was official. There was a tornado in the area. The hotel alarms then go off alerting everyone in the building to evacuate to the lowest level of the hotel was the parking lot, so again we were told to evacuate and go towards the lowest level of the hotel which was the ground parking lot to wait.
We took it upon ourselves to make the waiting less anxious or scary by taking a tornado selfie in the parking lot.

After we were given the all clear, we went ahead and made our way back to the venue and were honored by the wristbands we were given earlier. Now at this point it was around 3:30 pm and it was non stop down pour of rain.
We were all getting incredibly anxious and somewhat annoyed because the venue was still putting things together and the security were having a meeting, presumably about how they would set up the line and ticket scans.
Finally, security gets their shit together and we go through the gates, get our ticket scanned. We all make it to our desired spots because we’re seasoned vets, the GATRS got this.

The opening act was White Denim, they reminded me of the Black Keys. Blue-y rock peppered with a bit more jam sessions.
It was absolutely great, although there was no pause or intro to the songs so it felt like it was one continuous song but you can’t deny the guys can play. The jam sessions were on point.

At 8:50 pm we all hear my favorite sound… The last time I saw Arctic Monkeys was in London at Finsbury park last month and now that were both been stateside for some time now. Arctic Monkeys are getting bigger here in the U.S. the venue’s are bigger. No more tiny venues with sticky floors and stale drinks. The sound is bigger and there are more light, like the AM wave lights are new in the U. S. The lads from Sheffield have finally made it, they broke America.

Here is a sampling of that incendiary night. I hope these will tantalize you to see them live because they are just that amazing.


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