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Get to Know: Akord

Akord CoverDo you want some edgy alt rock? I think Akord’s got it. From the first chords you get the impression this won’t be your grandma’s rock ‘n roll. There’s a quote from Little Bird included on the band’s site that sums them up perfectly:

“Imagine Tool and Karnivool locked together in the sweet embrace of a musical orgy; a passion filled session with some light sweet jazz to set the mood. Incubus loiter in the room to tag in every so often and Biffy Clyro are there to serve the refreshments. That’s Akord.”

I think that’s pretty dead on – I couldn’t have said it any better. I definitely hear the Incubus; that’s the first band that came to mind when I listened. That tone mixed with the sexy brogue – there’s the Biffy -that comes through in the lyrics is a winning combination. For some reason I absolutely love when that accent comes through; you get that rough, rich tone from bands like Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic and The Twilight Sad. What sets Akord apart is its ability to take those sounds to the next level by incorporating a slightly metal quality to their work. Progressive metal fans will be VERY pleased with what they hear.

If you check out their Facebook page you might notice they’ve mentioned one of my favorite bands, Muse, in a list of bands they like. While this gets big points from me – and I mean HUGE -, that’s not why I decided to feature them in this post. See for yourself by checking out their entire EP here.  For me the following song is the first I downloaded and it seems to have stuck as my favorite.

Akord is a four piece band hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland comprised of Sandy Bain – Bass and lead vocals; Arran Christie – Guitars and backing vocals;  Matt Eaton – Drums; and  Martin Walker – Guitars and backing vocals.

To learn more about Akord, find them on Facebook, twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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