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5 Best of… Blink 182

After turning to my daughter, Lizz,  for help on a Blink song, and being told by her that my choices of 5 favourites were complete shit (hey… I can’t help which songs I love..) I just decided to let her write the post.

She, and her brother, after all are the reason I listen and love Blink 182. I mean, you kinda get use to something that blares thru your house, loudly, constantly.

So, here is Lizz from Folded Corner Blog and her choices for the 5 Best of Blink 182…

When Tee said she was doing a 5 Best of Blink 182 I knew I had to take over. I have been a Blink 182 for about 18 years. I’m only 26 so I started off really early thanks to having a really cool older brother.

 Blink182 is a So-Cal pop punk band that originated in the 90s. They were one of the first bands to really embrace the pop punk title and we have them to thank for a lot of the pop punk bands that follow, hey they even inspired that punky pop boy band 5 Seconds of Summer.
Apple Shampoo
I’m starting this off with the song Apple Shampoo which was released in 1997 on their album Dude Ranch. I chose this song because this is the song that made me fall in love with Blink 182 when I was just 8 years old. I bothered my brother constantly when I was younger (& still do) by sitting in his room going through all his really cool CDs. I didn’t really know what I was looking for but I remember seeing the Dude Ranch CD cover and thought it was interesting so my brother put it in for me. He went straight to Apple Shampoo and that is when I fell in love with Mark Hoppus for the first, but not the last time. My brother had all this neat recording equipment, so on his generous days, he would let me hook up the microphone and sing along to Apple Shampoo. It’s just one of those memories I will always think back to because it’s when I found my favorite band and because I just really love my brother.
Wasting Time
Another song that I love is Wasting Time , from Cheshire Cat. A lot of people don’t like their music before Dude Ranch because,  honestly, it isn’t the best, but I think thats why I love it. It’s all raw and kind of like “crappy punk” They had an EP and Buddha under their belt already but they still hadn’t matured musically to the point that they did when they finally made Dude Ranch.
Wendy Clear
My next pick is from Enema Of the State and its called Wendy Clear. I’m sure you’re noticing a Hoppus theme here. I do like a lot of Tom’s songs, because, actually when I was younger I thought he was the cutest thing in the world..but over the years my personal opinions on Tom changed when he now I can’t help but appreciate Mark’s songs a bit more. Wendy Clear is an awesome song because like most of the songs on Enema Of The State it just has that “2000s teen movie” feel to it. I’ve also always thought Mark’s lyris had just a bit more depth to them, although I don’t mind the occasional Tom likes aliens song.

Anthem Part 2
The next song I chose was Anthem Part Two from Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. Here, a Tom song, for all you Tom fans. I chose this song because I remember when this CD first came out you could buy like 3 different versions..a Pants, Jacket, and Airplane version, each had different bonus songs on best believe I owned all three. This just screams Blink 182 to me. I remember running home and listening to it on my CD player and this was the first song that popped on. The first few chords on the guitar, then the kick in of Travis on the still makes me smile to this day. It was also one of those “Fuck our parents, fuck the system, and fuck you if you don’t like me” songs  I just completely devoured in middle school.
Man Overboard
My last song was hard to choose because honestly, I could write about each and every single one of Blink’s songs and how they shaped me, helped me through fights with my parents, got over break ups, and just brought me that happiness that only your favorite band can bring. I was going to talk about Go from their self titled CD because I about shit my pants when I heard a new CD was coming out. My mom, who was really cool, even though I didn’t give her the credit, let me skip school so I could go buy the new CD first thing with my best friend. We stood outside of Sam Goody waiting for them to open, bought the cd, and then spent the rest of the day in my room listening to every song and reading every lyric in the booklet. But I chose a different song because although I love their self titled CD it never hit me like their other albums did. ( this was where my shit list of songs came in-Tee) So, I chose Man Overboard from the Mark, Tom, And Travis Show Live CD. This song is awesome and the music video is incredible. This song is neat because its “rumored” to be about their old drummer Scott Raynor who literally just vanished into thin air between the release of Dude Ranch and Enema of the State. Supposedly he had a major drinking problem and was causing problems with the band, so eventually they had to replace him. Its upbeat but the lyrics are heavy with some serious subjects. Tom sings about how he wanted so much more and how he is trying to get his friend off this ledge that he is on..while Mark is just sorry it has to be over. 

There are so many songs that deserved to be on this list; Feeling This, Dammit, Josie, Everytime I Look For You, Shut Up, Going Away To College, Carousel, Romeo & Rebecca, Go, Stay Together For The Kids, M&Ms, Emo, and so on. I didn’t include any songs from Neighborhoods because honestly I don’t care much about that and I won’t go into all that here, but I have strong opinions on it.
I know most people scoff at Blink 182 and look at them only as the band who runs around naked and talks about farting in cereal, but they are so much more than that. I mean..they are that..and they are damn proud of that..but most of their songs really have meaning. I’ve also have never seen a band, especially in the pop punk scene, that has always done everything they can for their fans.
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