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Billy Bibby Announces Backing Band and Releases New Single “Waitin’ for You”

Does the name sound familiar? Billy Bibby was the former lead guitarist for the growing band Catfish and the Bottlemen, and now he’s on his own creating a name for himself. He has been on our radar for a while now ever since I searched him up one day wondering what he was up to. Thankfully I did look him up because he now is creating outstanding tunes with a new backing band. Billy held auditions and was looking for dedicated, hardworking musicians that love to tour and he found just that. The band consists of Billy Bibby (lead vocals/guitar), Rob Jones (lead guitar/backing vocals), Matt Thomas (bass/backing vocals), and Michael Pearce (drums). Now that the whole band are together, everything is starting to fall in its perfect place.

The new single, Waitin’ for You, is everything and more that I expected from Billy and the band. With being raised on the classics, like Elvis, you can definitely hear the influences from him throughout the song. There are also hints of the track, God Gave Her Soul before the chorus, and that song has always been one of my favorites from Catfish and the Bottlemen when he was still in the band, so it’s outstanding to hear Billy’s voice shining even more than ever now. Towards the ending of Waitin’ for You, there are guitar riffs that’ll have you singing along to, which is one of Billy’s goals when creating music. With having experience of touring like crazy to get your name out there, I already know this band is going to be extremely successful because of the hard work that will be put into it. This new track is one I will be playing on repeat and if you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen below. This is just the beginning for Billy Bibby and his band, so spread the word. Give him a like on Facebook, follow his Twitter, and Soundcloud to keep up with everything he and the band are up to.

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