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Vinyl in the Veins: Bingo!!!

When it comes to buying vinyl, I am a disaster. Just walking into a record shop sends my head reeling…. I lose my common sense and all plans I had before walking in to it. It’s not that I don’t have lists, I do, I have a wish list of things I intend to find and buy and I have a list of already own. My hubbie, he is smart, he keeps a spread sheet of the things we own on his phone so that it is easily accessible, but me, my wish list is scattered all over my desk on post it notes. I never have them when we randomly pop in to a store, and if I end up shopping online, I again lose my mind and purchase everything but what is on my so-called list in front of me.

Recently, we came across this fun game of Vinyl Bingo over at The Beat Goes On, and as Naomi said, instead of being kids in a candy store, maybe this could give us direction. We are taking the challenge…. We are going to finally walk in a store and at least have one record planned each time. I am attempting to go full on bingo and fill the card, Naomi is taking on at least three of the lines. We will be posting our progress as the year goes on so you can see how we are doing, or not doing…

We would love for you to join us, so if you decide to play along with us, be sure to check in and let us know your progress!!!



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