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Blink 182- “Bored To Death” Review



I have been a fan of Blink 182 for about 18 years now. They are undoubtedly my favorite band. I first heard them from my brother who was a teenager at the time while I was still in elementary. Anything my brother liked I had to like as well because I thought he was the coolest person in the world, and hey, I still stand by that thinking. He would listen to Dude Ranch all the time (Enema of the State had not yet been released) and I remember first hearing “Apple Shampoo” and just totally falling in love. I would get home from school and beg my brother to play that song and let me sing along with it into his microphone he had set up. After like twenty minutes of screeching “She’s so important and I’m so retarded” he would finally kick me out so he could do angsty 90s teenager things.

I actually first bought Enema of the State on cassette. CASSETTE! This was 1999 okay!


I’m not sure what it is about Blink that made me fall in love. Maybe because they were cute, they had fun music, or the fact that at that age I was only allowed to cuss if I was singing along to a considering Blink had a whole song only filled with cuss words, I really got to be immature and giggle as I sang the words ass and shit.

A few nights ago Blink 182 released a new track, the first time since 2012. I didn’t get to listen to it right away because I have a baby and he doesn’t allow me to do anything fun and enjoyable currently so, I just had to read everyone else’s opinions. There were some seriously strong ones too. Most of them being: “This is not Blink 182. There’s no Tom. This is basically +44. They should change the name because it’s not REAL Blink 182.”

Now let me start off saying I have a strong hatred for Tom. When I was younger I was naive and obviously had a tiny brain so I was once in love with him, but what Blink fan wasn’t? Then one day I grew up, read some books, and acquired knowledge so I realized Mark was where it was at. In all honesty, I didn’t have an issue with Tom until he ruined my favorite band. Tom was too cool for Blink and only wanted to talk about intergalactic journeys and circumference of an alien’s butt (this is not at all factual.) So, hearing people whine about Tom’s absence had zero effect on my need to hear this new song.

I was nervous as I waited for my iTunes purchase to download (yes, I bought it you moochers!) but I kept thinking there is no way this can be more disappointing than their 2011 Neighborhoods album (which was basically an Angels and Airwaves CD–THANKS AGAIN TOM) so I stayed positive.

“Bored To Death” opens with that signature Travis Barker drum sound similar to their self titled album they released in 2003. Then it goes into a different sound..not completely different like the 2003 album but just more mature (but still blink 182.) The lyrics have matured and so has Mark’s vocals. There was even a break in the song with some “oohs” that I thought sounded a lot like Tom (or his ghost-where is he anyways?) that was plenty of “Tom” for me.

To be honest..yes, it’s not REALLY Blink 182 without Tom, I get that. They are known for his nasally whine so it is weird to know we won’t hear that from here on out..but is that enough for people to discredit this great new song and sound? No. KROQ music director Lisa Worden said that it sounds like Blink 182 but a Blink 182 in 2016 and I think that’s a pretty good way of describing it. As much as I love their old stuff that was really SoCal and songs about butts..they are like 40-whatever now and have families..let them grow and mature (musically at least because you know Mark still has some erection jokes he’s been waiting to use.) And let Tom wear his collection of tight black jackets and fly to Mars.

I’ve always loved and supported them and I will continue to do so. I’m excited to hear the rest of the songs. Its been mentioned that Mark will primarily do vocals while Matt Skiba will harmonize but I’m curious to hear more of Matt and how he meshes with the Blink sound, especially mixing with Mark’s vocals. I’m excited to see them on tour this year. Honestly the lineup is awesome and it’ll be a great show.



Check out “Bored To Death” below with the new lyric video. Comment and let me know what you think about it!